Andaliego // Snapback Series


New video presenting our new line of snapbacks. First in the series, 'Andaliego' a six-panel gray and white cotton twill/trucker mesh cap, with a custom raised embroidered logo script.

Music by:
Nancy Sinatra
"Sugar Town"

Running Time: 1:23

The Summer Collection

Pushing limits.. our Summer Collection "El Paletero" and "The Process" wrapped up in bacon for 15 seconds.

Running Time: 0:15

Los Sospechosos: Classic Collection

"Los Sospechosos" back in the line-up, in a whole new perspective. Pipiripau's instant classic.

Running Time: 0:30

La Quimica

Desde la calle a los cuadernos, seguimos en lo mismo, no tenemos oro ni tenemos plata, pero seguimos produciendo el simple verbo que te hace derritir.

Music by:
Cartel de Santa
"Bombos y Tarolas"

Running Time: 2:12

La Baraja

Con La Baraja completa y coronación del Rey, apostamos diamantes y nos rifamos la suerte, si nos cae la muerte, luchamos como Sansón con espadas y corazón saliendo adelante sin ningún raspón.

Music by:
Ennio Morricone
"Da Uomo A Uomo"

Running Time: 1:10

El Chapo del 8

Si se meten a su vecindad El Chapo del 8 no tiene piedad. Desde el barril se toma su tiempo para combatir la chusma enfadosa que no quiera compartir.

Music by:
Control Machete

Running Time: 0:55


Charrasqueado... a bad motha-fk&n character from the Mexican Revolution... a visual interpretation by Pipiripau.

Music by:
Diana Antigua
"Marchas Militares"

Running Time: 1:00



2013: Year-in-Review

This year we met and worked with awesome people. Last few hours of 2013, live them with a purpose, stay humble & keep hustling.

Running Time: 0:15

Identity Reborn

Transformation from original logo running from 2011-2014 to new logo "El Gallo" starting in 2014.

Music by:
"Ass Kickin' Bass"

Running Time: 0:18


CA to NY

2,807.9 miles away from CA, we walk the concrete jungles to introduce Pipiripau to the urban streets of NY

Music by:
"Wash My Hands"

Running Time: 0:30

Featured: Jerry Herrera

Our salutes to Jerry Herrera in Texas for pushing the boundariesand perfecting his craft. "Featured" in our new series

Music by:
Roots Manuva
"Witness Dub"

Running Time: 0:15

Gabino Barrera

A folk legend from the Mexican Revolution interpreted by Pipiripau.

Music by:
Chavela Vargas
"Gabino Barrera"

Running Time: 1:26

Los Rateros

Lock your doors, hide your cheese, Los Rateros crackin' down on those Christmas gifts.

Music by:
Hotel Eden
"Nimble Girl"

Running Time: 0:15

Vigilante // Snapback Series

New video presenting our new line of snapbacks. Third in the series, 'Vigilante' a six-panel black on black cotton twill cap, with our custom raised embroidered logo mark.

Music by
Octavio Meza y Su Conjunto
"La Pelea Con el Diablo"

Running Time: 1:23

Marinero // Snapback Series

New video presenting our new line of snapbacks. Second in the series, 'Marinero' a six-panel navy cotton twill cap, with a custom embroidered patch.

Music by:

Running Time: 1:21

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