Chicano Batman

Chicano Batman
2013 was the first time hearing the band 'Chicano Batman'. While working on a design, the song 'Itotiani' (2010) was playing in the background on Spotify or Pandora, immediately we fell in love with that rola. Their sound and look is unique, ruffled shirts and pastel-coloured three-piece suits, similar to the 70's latin pop group 'Los Pasteles Verdes'.

The band is composed of four chicanos from the LA area. Eduardo Arenas (bass, guitar and vocals) Carlos Arévalo (guitars) Bardo Martinez (lead vocals, keyboards, and guitar) and Gabriel Villa from Cali, Colombia on the drums.

Their name 'Chicano Batman' was inspired by both, the logo used on the Cesar Chavez United Farm Workers Movement and the "The Dark Knight" the famous crime fighting super hero we all know as 'Batman'. Cesar Chavez fought for laborers’ rights, in other words 'Chicano Batman' fights crime and injustice through their music.

Its good to see latinos coming up with dope beats, prolific lyrics, and with a unique style. We highly recommend checking them out.

Click the link ahead to view their tour dates.

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