eSports in México

eSports in México
In late December, I found myself diving back into the world of video games – the thrill of shoot 'em ups and strategy games. As I patiently waited for my game to load, I stumbled upon something interesting: A big esports community down in Mexico.

Esports, or competitive gaming, has been getting more and more popular, and Mexico's right in on it. They've got special places for gaming, tournaments, and even their very own stadium, the 'Arena eSports Stadium'.

TV Azteca and Arena "The Place to Play" are all about giving gamers what they want – pro gaming spaces and the latest in tech. While teaming up with Riot Games, Mexico is a notable player in the world of esports.

Even though I only play video games a couple of times a year, it's cool to see how much gaming has evolved. While modern games look amazing, I still love the simplicity of an old favorite like Super Mario Bros.

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