Buscando Nuestra Raíces

Buscando Nuestra Raíces
Empezamos el año 2019 by picking up a book and reading up on our roots. Being raised in California the majority of our lives, we got an understanding of how the history of the United States began and evolved, who the key players were, the battles, and its presidents.

Even though we aren't from here, nor there, our parents, our family, our ancestors are from México. All our lives we've celebrated it's beautiful culture, food, music, traditions, and it's people. Having knowledge about it's beginnings will help us understand the present and ourselves.

'Nueva Historia General de Mexico' covers everything; from early settlers of Indigenous lands, the conquest of the Aztecs, Mexicos Independence, to our current political struggles. A little intimidating since it's a massive book in Spanish, but excited to invest the time and gain that knowledge we've been seeking.

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