Ocelocuauhtli - The Meaning Behind Our Latest T-Shirt

Ocelocuauhtli - The Meaning Behind Our Latest T-Shirt

This week, we introduced our latest design for 2024, Ocelocuauhtli t-shirt. In this week's YouTube episode we talk about the inspiration and the features of this fresh addition to our lineup.

Ocelocuauhtli, named after the Nahuatl words for "jaguar" and "eagle," represents the balance of hidden and visible forces. In our design, we incorporated elements like 'Ollin', the sun, the moon and the iconic nopales.

We created a poll where we asked our Instagram followers which t-shirt color they would like the new design to be printed on; white, black, or brown were the options. The winning design; brown, was printed on soft 100% combed cotton, features a woven label with our logo and our motto: Cultura, Orgullo, Corazon.

Check out the video in it's entirety below:

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