A few years back I remember coming across this alien-looking creature, but kinda cute-looking creature, I knew nothing about it, including that it is native to Mexico - The Axolotl!

Also known as the "Mexican walking fish," but the truth is, they're not fish at all. According to Aztec legend, the axolotl is the Aztec god of fire and lightning, Xolotl, which disguised himself as a salamander to avoid being sacrificed. 

Scientists believe axolotls descended from salamanders that could live on land, but reverted to water because it offered a survival advantage. The species was originally found in several lakes in what is now Mexico City. They're a special kind of salamander that decided to skip the whole growing-up thing. They keep their gills and stay underwater for their entire lives, unlike other amphibians who swap gills for lungs and venture onto land.

Now, what makes these little guys even more fascinating is their superpower – regeneration. Axolotls are the ultimate healers. Lose a limb? No problem, they'll grow it back. Need a new kidney? They can manage that too. They can even regenerate parts of their brain and spinal cord! It's like having a built-in repair kit for life.

Lately, more people are keeping axolotls as pets, but there's a problem: out in the wild, axolotls are struggling. They're dealing with habitat loss and pollution, and their population is shrinking rapidly. That's why some people are putting in extra effort to protect these amazing creatures from disappearing forever.

I think the more we know about these amazing creatures the more awareness there is about them and the more we can do to prevent them from going extinct.

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